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Due to our easy-to-use user dashboard, purchasing elo boosts, coaching and unranked level 30 accounts is easier than ever. We strive to make League of Legends coaching, elo boosting, and account sales as easily accessible as possible.



All of our boosters and coaches have years of experience, are Challenger or Master tier players, and consistently deliver the most exceptional coaching and elo boosting in the industry. Our 24/7 support staff will also guide you along the way while catering to your requests.



Unlike our shady competitors, our professional boosters will make sure your order(s) are secure. Using only industry leading paid VPNS, we ensure our League of Legends elo boosting services are provided in a manner that shields your account from the many, but simple, ban algorithms.

What is SecretElo?

SecretElo is not only the most exceptional and professional League of Legends elo boosting and coaching service in the industry, but also provides the highest quality unranked/unverified level 30 accounts on the market, featuring only a 0.02% banrate and includes a free lifetime warranty.

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Our signup process is quick and effortless with only three text fields to fill out to gain access to our sleek and interactive user dashboard.

Select your desired elo

Using a simple double dropdown list you are just clicks away from completing of your order, once the order is in we look to have it started within 24 hours of purchase.

Start Boosting

Once a booster starts your order we aim to complete one division per day at the least, with some exceptions. Feel free to track their progress using or a similar service!


Unranked Accounts

Due to only purchasing top quality unranked level 30 accounts from a singular and dedicated vendor, we ensure that our accounts are the cleanest on the market. With all account trading there is a certain percentage of risk of a ban, and with most sites your chance is usually around a 50/50, but with us it's a 0.02% chance on top of a free 30 day warranty.

Frequently asked questions

After ordering your desired boost we will then assign a Master or Challenger booster to your account, this booster will log into your account to get you to your desired division.

No, the shop is unavailable to all boosters unless permission is granted by you.

There is virtually no chance of a ban using our service because of the dilligent measures we take to protect your account, unlike other sites.

For boosting our boosters' aim is to complete a minimum division or more per day on your order, and for unranked level 30's they are delivered instantaneously in the user dashboard upon purhcase.

We aren't currently actively hiring, but feel free to create a ticket using the support tab in the user dashboard if you'd like to apply in case we are hiring in the future..

Yes, you can either use your smurf to spectate or a replay site.

No problem, you can either use our ticket system located in the user dashboard when you log in, or the live chat!

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