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Due to our easy to use panel and order system, buying a boost has never been easier, and if you do run into any trouble along the way our 24/7 support staff will be there to help!

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How does this service work?
After ordering your desired boost we will then assign a Master or Challenger booster to your account, this booster will log into your account to get you to your desired division.
Do the boosters have access to my IP and RP?
No, the shop is unavailable to all boosters unless permission is granted by you.
Can I get banned for boosting?
There is always an extremely minimal chance this may happen, however we do the very best to protect your account.
How long does it take?
All of our boosters aim to complete a minimum division or more per day on your order.
I would like to become a booster, how can I get in touch?
Please send as an email at admin@secretelo.net Please remember that we only recruit master/challenger players before applying.
Can I watch the games being played by the booster
Yes, you can either use your smurf to spectate or a replay site.
My problem is not listed here.
No problem, you can either use our ticket system or use the contact information below to get in touch!


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